Saturday, July 28, 2018

Divine Arms v1.96 Public Demo

Compared to v1.95 this has is "slightly easier". But it will still be challenging. There have been a fuck ton of improvements here, so I hope you like it overall despite the difficulty. The difficulty is intended for balancing reasons and feedback/data surveying. The main game will NOT have this difficulty spike.
Again make sure you have the SWF Folder besides the game.exe so you won't crash on 'special' events.
If you like it and wish to support, I would gladly appreciate it because I will be needing extra funds for an awesome news which I will reveal in after a few months. But for now all help is appreciated. And if you can't be a patron, sharing this public build is more than enough.
New enemies will start their design and votes mid-August or just after I get some rest.
Thanks everyone! Enjoy!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Development Progress

Hey guys!

Yeah, I am alive and development has not stopped since.

A lot of stuff happened. Personal mostly, but when the family moved to a new place, my HDD stopped working and lost all my forums and blog passwords. and a SHIT TON OF PORN.

(blog and forums password's were just saved on the browser. Was way too busy developing to retrieve it in the old emails as well. god, all those precious porn...)

But development has not stopped! It's been very stressful and fun, had a lot of roadblocks and showstoppers, but it never stopped. So here are the updates you might have missed:

Lv 4 Spells Video:

Got the tornado and charm potion bomb working. Will be usable in the next demo.

Fungus Brute:

Sprites and Sex scene sketch update

Random Piece for the holidays.

(Not directly part of the demo, but I'll collect all of these and fan-art for a gallery ingame.)

Rapevine Animation Layout:

This is fucking hard to do and animate. LOL.
But they all move. All 3 shots in this scene.
Can't wait to show this to you ingame.


Very Raw Animation for the Bloodhunter.

Refined and color-polished.

Rapevine Raw Animation.
(The ones in the background will also animate)


That's everything so far. I work my ass off on this every day.
If we no longer get showstoppers, it will be finished this month.

-kReig out!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

3k Get!

Changed my mind!
Scrap the last drafts. Here's what's gonna happen next!

Blood Hunter's animation sprites are almost done!

The next enemy poll winner, Rapevine is now in line. 
Animation sketches are go!

Thanks for the support!
I'll be doing this game full-time now!

and for those who have not,

Please support the game on PATREON!

Download the game DEMO
Or play the game on Newgrounds

-kReig out!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Preparing the new scenes. Whew.

I’ll post the raw and flat scene tomorrow.

If you have not yet, do check out the Demo on Newgrounds.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Thanks Patrons!

Please support the game on PATREON!

Download the game DEMO
Or play the game on Newgrounds

Monday, November 30, 2015

Decided to change the cover page on Patreon.
Old one gets cut in the previews.
Hope you dig! 
-kReig out!