Saturday, October 31, 2015

Background visual update

I hate seeing the placeholder background.
Every time I do game testing, it really hurts my eyes.
So here's a visual upgrade.
This forest and ruins is most likely the very first area of the game.

Tomorrow, I'll meddle with enemy special attacks.
Hopefully get to finish one sex scene as well.
As soon as at least one sex scene is done, the campaign will launch.

Do you like what you see so far? Feedback would be appreciated.

kreig out!
Nice shot in the eyes, halocopter!
(That's your summoned follower's name. It sounds punee for a reason)

The ruins of some unknown civilization.

The ruins of some unknown civilization 2!

Depth sorting on every object.

Hiding behind the bushes won't do anything, Siggy.

When Siggy is behind trees, it fades so you can see what's going on behind it!

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