Monday, October 26, 2015

New game+

What's this about.
This blog and all this is about my upcoming Patreon campaign to create adult games. 
Early development and updates will be done here as well.

Who am I and what I do. 
I have been known as kreig13 and we can probably stick with that. (or just kreig will do.)
I make games for a living. Been doing games for almost a decade now.


Working Title: Divine Arms.

Meet our main character, Siggy.
(Full name Sigil Aetherwink)


Here are some ingame screenies.
Nothing on these are in it's final stages, so please do excuse the obvious placeholders.
The game's engine and mechanics are already complete.
What's left to do are the animations, backgrounds, enemies, bosses, dialogues, polish and sounds.

Siggy's run animation. (not final)

The game is an isometric action game.
ground textures and almost everything else are placeholders.
Siggy is a celestial diviner whose basic task is to purge the putrid.

Sample of the basic upgrade tree. All of the backend mechanics are finished, but looks really ugly at the moment ingame.
explosions with place holders, ugly animation. but we'll make all these look good soon.


Woops! Not yet now...

I'll show some sample scenes as soon as the Patreon campaign is ready. 
But basically, the animated scenes are going to be part of the game.
Enemies will have special attacks that strips your gear off. Special commands and timing mechanics must be won to escape, or suffer a big chunk of health from a damaging sex scene finisher.

Depending on the game's scope, I plan to give all enemies special sex scenes including Siggy's own.
Yes, she will later get a skill that allows her to rape her foes. This time to regain lost health.


here are some examples of my very old and previous work.

static random works since 2002

hentaikey flash games

I've done a lot of flash games in the past and the images below are some of them. 
In case you do not know, flash games are sponsor based, meaning a company will pay to add in their advertisements and branding to the the game. 

However for this campaign and the future games I will be making, the sponsors and their brandings are not affiliated to my own adult projects in anyway.

Some of the games shown below are collaborative works as well.
None of those guys are in any way involved in making any form of adult games.
This is all me and a sample of previous works.

a wi... rrr-Rune sorceress from a recent flash game


a very old ninja game

super hero parody physics game

this is... spartaaaaa

not a game, but was supposed to be a race in a rpg i'll make. probably after the first campaign

Hope you like what you see.
As soon as I get things ready, I'll go and upload some basic gameplay videos.
When you can, please do support this project once the campaign is ready.
If not, help spread the word and that would mean a lot.

Feedback is definitely appreciated.


Kreig out.

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